Saturday, June 22, 2013

Divine Foreknowledge: Open Theism

Some Adherents of Open Theism

Clark Pinnock
Gregory Boyd
Richard Rice
John Sanders
John Polkinghorne
Donald Bloesch
William Hasker
Nicholas Wolterstorff
Richard Swinburne
Richard Purtill

What is Open Theism

Open Theism is a particular view on the nature of God's foreknowledge.  One of the leading proponents / popularizers of this view, Greg Boyd, would take issue with framing the discussion in this way.  He insists that Open Theism is not about the nature of God's foreknowledge, but rather a view pertaining to the nature of creation.  Be that as it may, the topic is usually brought up within the context of divine foreknowledge.
Summary: Open Theism is the view that maintains that while God knows all true propositions, it is the case that many propositions about the future have no truth value, hence God cannot know the truth value of those propositions.
In this article, I will be using Gregory Boyd as the representative of Open Theism.  A large sector of the Protestant church see's Open Theism (henceforth OT) as heretical.  When Boyd first advocated this view, he was met with a good deal of hostility.  However, of late, this view has become more popular among evangelicals, particularly evangelicals who do not like Calvinism.