Saturday, September 20, 2014

Christianity and Mythology

Allan Di Donato, instructor at Central Piedmont Community College, gives a great talk on Christianity and Mythology.  He and my wife (English / Literature teacher) have changed the way I think about mythology.

2011-04-03 EH (Missions - Week 8) from Community Fellowship Church on Vimeo.

The Problem of Evil and the Theological Virtues

Dr. Bridges on how the theological virtues provide resources for dealing with the problem of evil.

2011-11-20 EH from Community Fellowship Church on Vimeo.

How was the New Testament Canon Determined?

My friend, Doug Beaumont on the formation of the New Testament Canon.  Doug has thought a lot about the history of Christianity and has some helpful criticisms that Protestants, in particular, should pay attention to.

2011-11-27 EH from Community Fellowship Church on Vimeo.

Responding to Arguments Against Intelligent Design

My friend, Dr. JT Bridges offering responses to criticisms of intelligent design.  Dr. Bridges is a well rounded thinker with thoughtful insights into the philosophy of science.